• The Florida horse industry produces goods and services valued at $3.0 billion
  • The national industry has a $5.1 billion impact on the Florida economy when the multiplier effect of spending by industry suppliers and employees is taken into account. Accounting for off-site spending of spectators would result in an even higher figure.
  • 440,000 Floridians are involved in the industry as horse owners, service providers, employees, and volunteers. Even more participate as spectators.
  • There are 500,000 horses in Florida, over 60 percent of which are involved in showing and recreation.
Source: http://www.horsecouncil.org


  • Total annual economic impact: $1.9 billion
  • Equine-owning households or operations: 53,095
  • Total number of equine: 306,210
  • Total number of jobs: 19,183
  • Expenditures on goods and services: $1.4 billion

Source: http://www.ncagr.gov/markets/livestock/horse/documents/equinestudy050809.pdf


Economic Impact of the T. Ed Garrison Arena on Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens Counties, South Carolina
UCED Research Report | 2012 | Clemson University
David W. Hughes and Devin Swindall

Source: http://scupstateequine.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/EconomicImpactGarrisonArena2012-2013.pdf
  • As of December 31, 2004, the estimated value of the state's 84,300 equine was $332 million.
  • Total expenses of $402 million were incurred in 2004 by places with resident equine, equine owners who boarded their animals, and individuals with equine expenses but no equine owned or boarded on December 31, 2004.
  • Add the sum of equine expenses, equine sales, and other equine income and the total economic impact of South Carolina's equine industry is measured at $478 million.
  • The value of equine related assets in the state was $2.98 billion and the value of equine was $332 million creating a total value of $3.3 billion for South Carolina's equine industry.
$2.98 billion + $332 million = $3.3 billion

Source: http://www.sctoba.org/SC_DeptAg.pdf  


The SC Upstate Equine Council conducted a study in 2012 on the equine industry impact of the T. Ed Garrison Arena and horses in the Upstate of SC. Although it covers a much smaller area of focus, it does show the influence of horses in a growing region.

Source: http://scupstateequine.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/EconomicImpactGarrisonArena2012-2013.pdf  

South Carolina (Aiken)

KEYFINDINGS - Economic Impact of the Aiken Equestrian Industry
  • An annual cost per horse in Aiken County tops $7,393.00, which amounts to $71.82 million in total spending produced by the equestrian sector.
  • The Aiken Equestrian Industry accounts for 1,814 full-time workers.
  • There are $16.93 million in income effects that result directly from the local equestrian industry.
  • In total, the impact of the Aiken equestrian industry on household income is estimated to be $19.25 million annually.
Source: http://www.aikenchamber.net/clientuploads/Equine%20Industry%20FINAL%20DECEMBER%203%202008.pdf  


Basic facts about Pennsylvania's equine industry: Table1. Basic facts about Pennsylvania's equine industry
  • Number of Horses 215,693
  • Number of Operations 31,000
  • Employment (number of jobs) 20,300
  • Value of PA's Horses $1.3 billion
  • Related Assets/Investments $8.27 billion
  • Expenses $746 million
  • Employment Compensation, Wages and Benefits Paid $ 615.1 million
Source: http://pubs.cas.psu.edu/freepubs/pdfs/ud014.pdf    


Purchases and Upkeep
  • Feed and bedding $116,019
  • Equipment purchases $97,925
  • Horse purchases $72,831
  • Veterinarian/health $69,519,
  • Boarding 108 $211
  • Training fees $44,546
  • Farrier services $40,906
  • Maintenance repair expenses $41,272
  • Tack $16,174
  Horse Related Activities  
  • Travel and lodging $23,167
  • Professional fees $4,536,664
  Labor and Capital Improvements
  • Capital improvements $87,149
  • Paid labor $71,889
  • Total $872,993

Source: National Agricultural Statistics Service (2008) and deflators from IMPLAN

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